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Key Features

Screenshot Capturing

PC Activity Monitoring Software monitors and captures all activities made on PC and converts them into snapshot and image format with exact date, time and user name.

Keystroke Logging

PC Activity Monitoring Software records all the activities made by keyboard. This is one of the most important features of PCEYE. Check this report carefully and save your company from being a victim.

Email Report

Get screenshot report, website visited report, keypress register and software-app-file used register via email. You can select email option to get once a day or multiple emails a day.

SMS Alert

Whenever anyone is trying to use keyword on PC, which is blocked as per your requirement, then you will get an sms alert with PC name and time stamp.

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PC Activity Monitoring Software for Employees
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Client's Say

I’m thrilled with the software. I can see what my employees are exactly doing. Now I can increase productivity of my employees.

Amit - Owner,

I have caught my employee working for their own customers in office hours with PC Activity Monitoring Software. Thanks to PCEYE.

Sameer - Founder,
Kailash IT Solutions.

After Installing the PC Activity Monitoring Software. My employees productivity increased by 70%. Now I can focus on Marketing and Meeting with New Clients

Bhavesh - Owner

PC Activity Monitoring Software Features

  • website visited registerPC Activity Monitoring Software records, monitors and captures details of websites visited. Get exact idea of what your employees are doing in your office using Internet. PCEYE also offers allow or block websites to stop employees from using nonsense or unethical Internet activity. It's easy now to stop employees from visiting social websites, gaming sites, music sites, movies, chatting in office hours.

    PCEYE records, monitors and captures details of all chats and messaging they do. As per the world's leading Research Institute, employees spend 25% of the time in chatting during office hours. Stop and eliminate all these nonsense instantly and increase your office productivity. Stop them making chats and continuous messaging using Facebook, Twitter or any other instant messaging system.

    Stop your employees visiting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, job sites, gaming sites in office hours. Employees spend lot of time such websites and it directly affects your business. PCEYE has ability to stop all these from your office on immediate basis.
  • software application used register

    Get exact report about softwares, applications, files, folders etc. used by employees; that too with the exact date, time and username.

    This report is very important to check the working productivity of employees. You can easily understand if employees are uploading / deleting / tampering / copying / transferring important files, folders, accounts data / important emails / confidential information of the company.

  • lock featuresPC Activity Monitoring Software has lock features to add more security in your office, stop employees doing personal research. Lock USB drive, partitioned hard disc drive, CD or DVD drive to eliminate misuse of your important data.

    Stop employees copying / leaking important data of your company if they're willing to do so. Uploading, copying, transferring of important data are very common in organisations which can make a big loss. Stop all these using PCEYE.
  • faithfullness reportA very powerful report offered by PCEYE to check faithfulness of your employees. You can reward your faithful employees and reject others using this. Get day-to-day faithfulness registers of your Employees.

    This report can help you while making yearly or semi-yearly or quarterly promotion. A report which can differentiate hard and lazy employees.
  • voice recording report- Voice and conversation recording

    - Stop employees watching porn sites in office

    - Get details of email received and sent by employees

    - Eliminate risk of data hacking email hacking PC hacking

    - Stop your employees doing cyber crime in office

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